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1. First click "Add to Cart". When the Added to Cart tab pops up click "Check Out".

2. If this is your first purchase, click "Proceed to Checkout". If you are a returning customer enter your email & password and click "Login & Checkout".

3. For first time customers, enter your information in 1 & 2, for return customers click the "My Saved Billing & Shipping Addresses" and click your address.

4. Go to number 4 (payment information) and select "PayPal", then click "Place Order".

5. On the next page, read then click "continue". When PayPal comes up click the payment method you are going to use.
( Debit or Credit Card, Prepaid Gift Card, or Pay with your PayPal account ).
Once you click your payment method, enter your payment information. Then click "Pay".

6. The next page that comes up is your receipt # for your payment, then click "Return To Griffith Records Inc."
On the next page click "continue" on the tab that pops up OR click the "click here" to return to Griffith Records Inc.

7. The next page will be your Download. Click the file name to begin downloading.
Once you save your download it can also be found in your Downloads Folder on your computer, laptop, tablet, etc.